Steven (winweiquaker) wrote in adjunctlife,

Pre-Adjuncty Jitters

Okay, so I am a grad student who is in a program where we get mentors and are allowed to function, with a ridiculous measure of independence, as adjuncts in our chosen programs.  For example, I am a student in the graduate Sociology program, and I will get to teach an Intro to Sociology class at a local community college.  

I'm very excited, because adjunct work is definitely want to do, but I am nervous, because this is TEACHING.  I've educated before (4+ years experience as a health educator, 7+ years experience as a trainer/facilitator), but with a syllabus and all...woosh.

I just want some feedback on some ideas I have, that would make things easier, hopefully, for my students and me.

(1) I'm thinking the fewer graded items, the better, so two or three exams and a paper (like 5-7 pages)
(2) I want to have one day in the semester to be completely on how to write papers, so we can go over APA and ASA guides for citation and stuff.  I'm a stickler for citation, and plaigarism is one of the greatest crimes from my POV.
(3) I'm uncertain on the role "attendance" should have in a grade.  I see pros and cons, but any thoughts?
(4) As a possible adjunct who is a grad student and working a full time job, "office hours" ain't gonna be a common thing.  How can I work around this?

Any advice would be appreciated.  


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