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Teaching full time?

Apparently a local community college is hiring two new full-time English instructor positions. I have been teaching as an adjunct for six years now and have been applying for every full-time position I could during that time. However, I now have a seven-month-old son and will probably want to have a second child in about 2.5-3 years. I'm sure it's a 4/4 load, but I would have to check.

I'm 31 so I don't want to put off children any longer; 35 is my maximum age for having a second (and last) one. I was planning on teaching one or two classes a term part-time until I had my second when I was going to take time off. But I am pretty sure that I have a good shot at one of these full-time positions. I have interviewed with this college previously and made the cut (from 100 applicants to 25) that landed me the interview. Can you guys share any experiences you have had teaching while parenting a small child or planning a family? Anything I should keep in mind while making this decision?

EDIT: Minimum salary is $38K so I could afford to put him in daycare and was eventually going to have to for the socialization aspect, but it may have to be 5 days-a-week rather than the 3 I was hoping for.
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