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New maintainer needed

After reading "The Adjuncts' Mandate" in a recent edition of Inside Higher Ed, I have come to realize that I am not an appropriate maintainer for the group.  I am no longer working as an adjunct having been hired nearly three years ago as full-time faculty.  Certainly, I am still acutely aware of and sensitive to the needs and concerns of adjunct faculty members, but I feel that the moderator of this group really should be an adjunct.  I began this group so that my fellow adjuncts would have a voice and could build a sense of community; to have someone who is a non-adjunct trying to guide and shape that community appears to run counter to the spirit of the group.  

Our group hasn't been terribly active of late, but we still have adjuncts post important questions and observations from time to time.  As long as that is happening, this group really should continue.  I am asking for a volunteer to step in and take over moderator/owner responsibilities for adjunctlife  so that it can go on.  My responsibilities at work are increasing, and I don't think I can give this group the time and effort it deserves to help it become even more vital.  

If you would be interested in assuming leadership for this group, please leave a comment below.

Thanks to all of you for your insights and your support of one another and of me for the past few years.

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