Steven (winweiquaker) wrote in adjunctlife,

Adjuncting During a Recession

I've been wondering: is adjuncting easier or harder during the recession? Conventional wisdom would say "easier" for several reasons:

- if you do happen to lose a full timer, it'scheaper to replace him/her with 3-4 adjuncts
- the pool of adjuncts might have shrunk as people in distress seek something more permanent
- a number of laid off people run like crazy to college, meaning enrollments are up
- education tends to be "recession proof"

However, I was also thinking:

- people scrambling for money might be seeking more part time work to compliment the full time
- state funded schools might not be able to support as many adjuncts
- the likelihood of a full timer leaving during a recession (and thus making my first "pro" possible) is highly unlikely
- a lot of "dump outs from grad school" who don't have jobs might be turning to adjunct work

I was terrified for the spring; I only request one class and I thought I would have trouble getting it.  However, I not only got a spring course, but a winterim course, and a second spring course if I so chose.

What are other people's thoughts/experiences?
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