coffeecat709 (coffeecat709) wrote in adjunctlife,

Organizational Strategies, Anyone?

     Hi, Everyone.  I believe that as an adjunct, having a good organizational system for all of your materials etc... is half of the battle. Lately, I believe that my system might be slowing me down.  In other words, I'm slowing myself down because of my less than efficient organizational system. What do you find works? It seems that all of  my computer files start to pile up ,and I can't find anything. Do you spend the time each week or each month organizing your files? It's my least favorite thing in the world to do, so I barely get to it. When I do, it takes forever just to file and throw out all the extra stuff I inevitably end up with.  I also have file cabinets full of materials, but my husband is really trying to get me to put all of my paper handouts etc. on the computer, so they don't clutter up our life in our small apartment. Have any of you gone anywhere close to paperless when it comes to your materials? I also use an accordion  folder for each class, dived into sections -corrected work, work to be corrected, journals etc... I'm sure having a website with links to handouts would be of great help, but I haven't tackled that project yet. Does anyone have a good system and a consistent way to maintain it? Or better yet, do you have a system that doesn't need much maintenance? 
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