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Living the Invisible Life

Adjunct Life
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"We part-time like a paper route." --from Renaissance Man with Danny DeVito starring as an adjunct instructor of adult/continuing education on an army post.

Ever feel that way? Ever think your students or your institution perceive you that way? You're not alone. Adjunct instructors, though comprising well over 40% of the faculty at most colleges and universities, often feel undervalued and isolated.

This community is for those of us who have chosen to live the life of the adjunct instructor, despite the low pay, the lack of regard in academia, and the sometimes grim prospects for advancement given the saturation of the job market. For all that, there is a measure of freedom in teaching on a part-time basis. We can pursue full-time positions outside academia, or we can tend to family or other interests while still being able to do something we love very much--teach.

If you are a part-time instructor in higher education, join the dialogue. We'd love to hear from you, wherever you are.

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