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Desperate call for qualified adjunct faculty at the Community College of Baltimore County

Attention folks in the Mid-Atlantic region:

I'm a full-time faculty member at the Community College of Baltimore County where we're currently experiencing a record-breaking surge in enrollment (perhaps you saw the related article in the Chronicle of Higher Education just a couple of weeks ago).   Our pool of adjuncts is drying up fast, yet students are still knocking down the doors trying to get into classes that we simply can't staff.  Adjuncts are now being allowed to take on four courses each semester instead of the usual cap of three.  We're desperate for adjuncts in all areas but particularly in math, English, and reading.  If you hold a master's degree in any of these fields, experience or no, we'll welcome you with open arms.  Please contact me at stellalunag at gmail dot com, and I'll put you in touch with the appropriate department coordinators.

Pay is $690 a credit hour with no benefits (well, they do let adjuncts use the gym and whatnot), so it's the usual highway robbery, but it's pretty much a guaranteed gig if you aren't on the FBI's Most Wanted list and have the MA/MS. 

Full disclosure:  The need is so urgent that staff and faculty are being offered a $100 "finder's fee" for bringing new adjuncts on board, so there really IS something in it for me, aside from staving off increased class sizes.

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From what I can tell, all the online sections are staffed. Those are usually the first to go since full-timers tend to seize upon them before adjuncts are offered the opportunity.
How shitty. 4 classes as an adjunct? They're doing the same amount of work there as many full time faculty but don't get nearly the same amount of money or benefits? Ugh. I'd jump on it if it were in my area and my field, but I'd still think it sucks!
I agree that we're wringing far too much out of our adjuncts without giving more of them full-time temp status. At our college, five courses is a full-time load, not four, but still...
And CCBC is not bad. I adjunct at CCBC and understand the cap is ONLY at CCBC. In our area there are a number of schools (in the Baltimore DC region there are 7 community colleges and about 22 full 4 year colleges), so essentially you could do the 3 (now 4) cap and teach at other institutions.

However, I also teach at Towson, which has a cap of ONE - yes, one. If I teach adjunct at Towson and work full time, then I am:

* only allowed to teach one course at Towson
* barred from doing adjunct work ANYWHERE ELSE while teaching at Towson unless I get special permission from the Chair, Coordinator, AND Dean.

This kind of pisses me off, because I would love to help CCBC out and teach another course, but I had to bend over backwards to teach at Towson and get ONE course at CCBC- a second might not be an option.

How on earth can a school who allows you only one course BAN you from doing work elsewhere? That's ridiculous. People need to you know, eat and live and stuff.
I agree. I even mentioned it to some CCBC faculty who said it was ludicrous. I haven't heard of any other school who has a similar policy...
I've heard of some that won't allow you to teach somewhere else if you're full time there. But part time? Um no way. Sorry. But that's just wrong. I can't imagine that's legal.
And let me point out that means "work full time" ANYWHERE. I don't work full time at Towson, and my full time job isn't in higher ed. Any full time job limits you to teach only one's it and that's that.
You have a cap of three classes?! WOW. At mine we have a cap of six, but some adjuncts are allowed up to eight, we are so incredibly bombarded with students.