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Desperate call for qualified adjunct faculty at the Community College of Baltimore County

Attention folks in the Mid-Atlantic region:

I'm a full-time faculty member at the Community College of Baltimore County where we're currently experiencing a record-breaking surge in enrollment (perhaps you saw the related article in the Chronicle of Higher Education just a couple of weeks ago).   Our pool of adjuncts is drying up fast, yet students are still knocking down the doors trying to get into classes that we simply can't staff.  Adjuncts are now being allowed to take on four courses each semester instead of the usual cap of three.  We're desperate for adjuncts in all areas but particularly in math, English, and reading.  If you hold a master's degree in any of these fields, experience or no, we'll welcome you with open arms.  Please contact me at stellalunag at gmail dot com, and I'll put you in touch with the appropriate department coordinators.

Pay is $690 a credit hour with no benefits (well, they do let adjuncts use the gym and whatnot), so it's the usual highway robbery, but it's pretty much a guaranteed gig if you aren't on the FBI's Most Wanted list and have the MA/MS. 

Full disclosure:  The need is so urgent that staff and faculty are being offered a $100 "finder's fee" for bringing new adjuncts on board, so there really IS something in it for me, aside from staving off increased class sizes.

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